Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Slab Photos

Arrived back in Melbourne today, and headed straight out to the block, while Oli nicely slept in the car (for 2 Hours!).  Here are some photos of our beautiful slab on a very warm spring day!

Here she be! Garage on the left and looking at front porch and entrance.
View from future driveway. (skateboard ramp)
Front on! The lower part in front is the porch, then it steps up to the Master Bedroom and the Front door. (recessed). Garage is on the left.

From the back of the block. The indent is our verandah. Tree looks nice this time of the year and shades the front of the house nicely from the hot afternoon sun.

The stand for the hot water unit.

The right side of the house. Notice the recessed shower base for the Main Bathroom. Plenty of room down the side there.
From our bedroom (in front) looking toward the back. Another  shot of the right side, and all the plumbing for bathrooms, kitchen, laundry..etc

And the left hand side, and double garage. (looking forward to that). 

Thought i would add this one to show the view from our ensuite, clear glazed fixed pane window. Hmmm..what you can't really see here is the neighbours window looking right at us...classy!!

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