Wednesday, 28 September 2011

T...minus one and counting

Happened to be in the area this afternoon and thought I should swing by the block and check on the asbestos removal and that our plumber had replaced the water meter and tap.

I arrived at our mud slick and what did i see but a big blue dunny had arrived!! Now you have to know that work is imminent when the crapper arrives!!

I only managed to avoid the temptation to christen the big blue portable airline tub, by the fact that Mark, a friendly surveyor from the earthworks company was pegging out our slab. He was very friendly and told me they would be performing our site scrape tomorrow or Friday Morning. You Beauty!!

You will also notice the massive engineering marvel of a structure that is our temporary power pole. Now given we paid $1000+ for this I somehow had greater expectations.

Now I had a chat to Mark and he showed me what all the pegs, and blue lines were for and what the nails indicated. Apparently the nail with blue tape in this photo is our ground level after scrape. Our slab then sits on that. It seems really high.

oh yeah, and here is our new water meter and tap. Could it be any more awkward.

And then as I left a truck rolled up, and they put up our temporary fence in a matter of minutes. Talk about progress.

I think I could not have timed my visit any more perfectly, as a massive torrential downpour hit not long after i left. I hope this doesn't delay our scrape!!

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