Sunday, 11 September 2011

Telstra Pit Moved

During our visit to the site yesterday to check if the power pit had been installed, I noticed the Telstra pit has also been moved.  This will make way for our new driveway after the build.  It wasn't something that needed to be done now, but our logic was to move it sooner rather than later, before we spent funds on other things, and also because prices inevitably increase the longer you wait, so it was a necessary evil we wanted to get out of the way quickly and forget about!

We paid for it a few weeks ago, but had no idea when the work was scheduled to occur.  I'm glad it didn't happen during the build.  Don't need to risk interfering with M's work!

Telstra's proposed scope of work was to move the pit 3 metres to the north, onto our neighbours nature strip, but the subcontractor has only moved it about a metre, so it's right on the boundary of the two properties.  I hope it is sufficient distance that the new driveway kerb won't interfere with it.  I guess we'll find out sometime next year!

Here's a shot of the offending infrastructure in the location of our proposed driveway:

And a closer shot of the old pit.  The PMC branding wasn't obvious as being a Telstra pit, and a Google search yielded no results either.  In the end, a phone call to 'Dial Before you Dig' identified Telstra as the owner.  The pit contains lead-ins for our property and our next door neighbour for Telstra Cable Internet and Foxtel.

The new pit, 1 metre to the left of the old one:


  1. PMC is actually PMG - Post Master General - the old name for Telstra

  2. Hi thanks for the info. There is a PMC/PMG pit near my work place which needed resetting.

  3. Hi
    I'm about to request the old Telstra (PMG) pit be moved 2 metres so we can widen our driveway. I would be very interested to know how much, if that's not a rude question, you had to pay Telstra (or their contractor) to move your pit.

    1. Telstra have a subcontractor do the work, and the contractor will quote and invoice you independently. The first company that quoted our job was really high so I went back to Telstra and asked if they thought the quote was reasonable and they offered to have another subcontractor provide a second quote. The second quote was almost $5k less and we chose to go ahead with that one obviously! I'd rather not state what we paid as they will quote according to required equipment, amount of cabling, number of services and connections in the pit and the distance it is to be moved, so there's a few variables to be factored in. Telstra also invoiced me a small admin fee.

      I'd suggest asking them to get a couple of quotes for you. You can then choose not go ahead if it comes back over your budget.

    2. Thank you very much for all that info. As it turns out, after recieving a quote containing 3 zeros which we didn't accept, just this morning there was a Telstra technician digging out the pillar and putting all the cabling into the pit - at no charge!