Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 1: Site Cut

Despite the almost constant rain yesterday, the excavation went ahead on site and we are now officially into Construction phase!

Our Site Manager Clive called mid morning to introduce himself, reassure me that he would build our home to the quality as if it were his own, and asked if we had any queries, concerns or things we would like to bring to his attention at this point.  He seems a very friendly, down to earth guy and was familiar with our plans and specs which is reassuring.  We discussed a few items I had questions about, such as where the storm water gets connected, as Council has advised we need to move the current outlet given it is situated in the middle of our future vehicle crossing.  I questioned whether we need to organise this ourselves before the slab so we don't end up paying for storm water work twice.  The plans show the kerb connection to the left of the new driveway so it may already be catered for.  The SM will speak to the drainage guys about what needs to be done.  I hope the Telstra pit isn't in the way!  Given they didn't move it as far as the scope of works requested, I'll be annoyed if they need to move it again!

Our Construction Manager Alannah called today to introduce herself as taking over from our CSC in regards to all things contractual from here on.

The activity forecast we have so far is:

  • Next Week: Prep work such as crushed rock to driveway, site compaction, retaining walls, preparation for piers, etc.
  • 10th Oct: Drainage
  • 18th Oct: Slab

They were still excavating the site when I went past today.  It started raining again quite steadily about half an hour later, so I'm not sure if they got finished today.

Here's some pics of the work in progress:

Hmmm...where's the tree protection fence we've paid for?...TBA

It's quite a deep cutting at the back... we thought we'd do something like this paved courtyard with steps leading up to lawn area, in light coloured pavers to reflect as much light into the house as possible:


Either that or we'll terrace it somehow.  The desired size of the courtyard and distance to the back fence will dictate the best option I think.  We'll be better able to tell when the slab goes in.  I think they've only excavated about 1.5m from the back of the house and ideally we'd want a depth of about 4m for an outdoor paved area, but given the existing trees we've kept we didn't want additional excavation in case they damaged tree roots.  Guess we'll work it out (with a landscape designer) after handover!

The weather forecast shows showers clearing tomorrow and then 4 days without rain, so hopefully the work can continue next week unhindered!

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