Friday, 2 September 2011

OMG! What happened to our House!!

Went to site this afternoon to survey the damage. The demolishers certainly cleared the block. How can something seem so immense and so small at the same time. Really struggled to get an idea on the scale of the house and what will be the backyard.

From the Front

Back Corner

The demolishers did a Bang up Job! They managed to even leave the water meter mostly intact. Seems our tap went missing though. We asked them to leave the fruit trees and the liquid amber at the back, which will at least give us something in the backyard once we are done. (Plums and some other Mystery fruit)

Water Meter

Our Trees

Nat emailed CSC that our block is clear and she replied straight away. She said Re-survey and second soil test is booked for Monday. Woo Hoo!

Feels quite real now. I'm really keen to get cracking!!


  1. Yay, the block is cleared. Hopefully your build will start moving. Its a race etween us to see who gets to siTe scrape first i think :) lol

  2. I found it so surreal to go and stand on our cleared block - so big yet feels so much smaller once they pour the slab ;)

    Good luck - hope things move along now!