Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Final Construction Drawings Received

Yesterday we received our final construction drawings and pre construction variations from our CSC.  I was relieved that the net result of the provisional costs from the contract was only an additional $1000.  This won't break the piggy bank (too much).

The site cut was reduced by about 200mm so this reduced both that cost and the retaining walls to the Northern and Southern boundaries.

The slab price increased a little - there is now mention of piers in addition to deepened edge beams so I assume this is where the extra cost is (less than $1000).  I personally don't mind if they've over-spec'd the slab a little, it's where I'd like the most peace of mind!

Kirsten - as predicted our sewer depth was greater than 1.5m (came in at 2.6m) so it was an additional $2100.

The only items QA picked up were small and logical: needed to slightly move the Rumpus sliding door to fit the cavity in the wall, and moved the light switch to closer to the door which is better to reach as you enter the room.  They also picked up that they hadn't costed our handle upgrade to the Laundry cabinetry and fingerless handles to the overhead kitchen cupboards.  The tiling and hydronic heating costs were also present and correct.

Our solar gas boosted hot water system was upgraded from one panel to two at no cost.  Assume this is either a newly released model, or something to do with the 6 star energy rating now required, as opposed to 5 star back when we paid the initial deposit.

The only thing that was overlooked was removing all references to ducted heating on the drawings (the unit in the roofspace, the ceiling vents and return air grille in the entry wall) and similarly, the addition of the hydronic boiler, thermostat, radiators and heated towel rails.  A quick email and phone call to the CSC this morning and they're on top of it.  They overlooked the last page in the heating quote.  I also asked if we could have an additional linen cupboard in the void designed for the ducted heating return air grille, which she's checking with Drafting.  In a house with 4 bedrooms there's a surprisingly small amount of storage space so we need all the cupboards we can get!

Hopefully the next version will be ready to sign off!  The amended building permit should come back today also.

The excitement levels are on the rise again!


  1. Sounds like things are moving along Nat, which is exciting!

    Our sewer depth was to 3.1m but it was only an additional $1300 so I am not sure why yours was so much more expensive. Worth asking the question. We are building in Boroondara Council(Glen Iris)so maybe it is based on councils? Seems a bit silly to be paying more for less depth. IYKWIM.

    Also i think the upgrade to the solar is definitely due to the new regulations (6 star) that came in on 1 May this year. Our deposit was at the start of April so we did not have to adhere to the new lighting restrictions and only had to get 5 star rating i think. In the end, as we increased the eaves and added some double glazing it was rated at 6.2 stars which we are pretty happy with.

    Hope that you can get the extra cupboard! As you know, when you have kids, everything gets pretty full pretty quickly. Our house has a massive walk in linen downstairs (which we will use for storage), under stair storage and another massive linen upstairs, which I already have filled up in my head! lol

    Yay, we might be starting at the same time give or take a week. Our cut and fill is booked for next monday! Hooray :)

  2. Hey Kirsten, I think our price was more because the contract says $791 per lineal meter and it's calculated not only on depth but also if greater than 6m distance from residence and ours is something like 8-10m.

    Well done on the 6.2 star rating. Should hopefully save you on the energy bills!

    We got the extended linen cupboard - very pleased :)