Thursday, 15 September 2011


Emailed our CSC a couple of days ago to advise that the power pit is ready to go, and ask for an update on when we are likely to get a copy of the final plans and site costs.  So here's the status as it currently stands:

Our file is currently with the drafting department awaiting amended final construction drawings to be completed (I assume this is to factor in the hydronic heating and tiling variations - which were completed before contract signing by the way!).  This will hopefully be finalised by the end of this week and then next week they can arrange our amended engineering, as our soil report and feature survey results were received by M last Friday.

Once the amended Engineering is obtained they'll provide our final variation to lock in our site costs, and then arrange an amended building permit.


So we're not expecting to see our plans until late next week, maybe start of the following week.  Then I assume we'll have a couple of back and forths that week to correct any errors.  Then, judging by other blog timelines, it will take 2-3 weeks for ordering to occur.

So I'm guessing it will be a mid-late October site start.  BOO!! :(


  1. We feel your pain.... We must have gone through at least half a dozen 'final' plans etc before all the variations / plans were correct. Double check everything and do so on each version. We had things changes b/w versions that were not requested or discussed. The Q&A team just made assumptions and did whatever they thought was our intentions - without asking us. Very frustrating but our CSC was great and ensured all were re-instated and correct. Dragged out for a good two and half weeks. Best of luck, just keep on top of the versions

  2. Arggh, two & a half weeks to get the plans right?!! I'm praying we don't have any creative drafting but I'm not holding my breath... Thanks for the advice, we will definitely go over every version with a fine tooth comb!

    In the meantime I think I need an alternative project for the next month to keep me distracted. The wait is killing me!