Saturday, 17 September 2011

A Boy on the Move

Ikea Ekkore Toddle Truck
Our precious little rascal has just this week started standing on his own - almost 13 months old to the day. I'm predicting it will only be a matter of days until he takes his first steps.

I was so excited to see him standing unaided in the middle of the lounge room floor, excitedly clapping his hands in recognition of his achievement!  Bless him, he's now practising this new skill every chance he gets.

This milestone in the life of our little boy makes me all the more excited about the build - if that's possible!  To watch him stand and clap, or trundle up and down the hallway with his little blue Ikea trolley makes me daydream about having a backyard for him to run around.  Presently we are living in an inner suburban apartment on the second floor with a narrow balcony.  Whilst it's great to always have him within eye and ear shot, pretty soon he'll be needing more space to stretch his little legs - and to burn off that seemingly never ending supply of energy.  There is a huge choice of parks in our neighbourhood, and now that the weather is improving we've been having lunch at the park on a picnic rug most days.  It gives O a taste of grass and freedom (somewhat), and me a break from cleaning the high chair...and the floor, but there are so many people with big dogs off the leash that I'm constantly on guard and it means he can't wander more than a leap and a lunge away from me.

You just can't beat the privacy of your own backyard.  I'm keen to start a veggie garden also - O and I can both learn how to plant and take care of them together!  Paul bought me a membership to the Diggers Club for my birthday this year, so I have a few months up my sleeve to study up on garden design, soil types, companion planting and 'what grows when'.  From the looks of this apple I cut up yesterday, I guess Golden Delicious apples aren't in season at the moment.  It just doesn't seem natural to me for an apple to rot from the inside out!

I love the raised garden beds in the Ian Potter Children's Garden at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens.  My inspiration for our own little plots of kitchen garden:


  1. Nat, Congrats to little O. Wait til he gets stuck into running around your new block in the mud!!! It must have been the weekend for milestones. Our youngest son Hamish (7.5months) started crawling this evening and already he is soooo quick!

  2. Thanks Kirsten. Yep we'll probably be moving in about Winter time so the site will be plenty muddy for Oliver to slosh around in and get his gumboots stuck in sticky sludgy clay! Argghhh, my new floors will suffer! We'll have to trade stories - I'm sure you'll be experiencing much the same! Congrats to Hamish! Look out he'll be into his older brother's stuff soon! Keeping things out of reach is hard enough with one let alone when you've got an older sibling! ;)