Sunday, 25 September 2011


It seems there's always some form of hiccup just when things start to get moving.  One of the Construction guys went out to our site last Thursday to check everything was in order for site start and he unfortunately discovered bits of asbestos lying around.

Our demolisher had an asbestos company come in before demolition and remove the asbestos eaves and the electricity box, and they also had the foresight to remove tiles in the bathroom and discovered the walls were also lined with asbestos.  So there was no reason to think there was any more lurking around. We have every faith in our demolisher and the company he used to clear the site.  He was quite apologetic when he called.  We accept that it's just one of those things when dealing with old houses rather than a greenfields site.  He went and took a look himself on Friday and most of it appears to be concentrated around the location of the old garage.  The garage itself was steel on a concrete slab, so the demolisher theorised that perhaps the slab was lined with asbestos. I'm wondering if in fact that once upon a time there was an asbestos garage there and when it was replaced with the new garage, someone made a poor, cheap, lazy decision to literally bury the problem. Of course, because the giant excavator has been over the entire site, there are bits of asbestos to be found from one side of the block to the other.

I'm perhaps making it sound worse than it is. When we visited the block yesterday we sighted a few pieces, none bigger than the size of your palm, and the pile is only about one shovel load.  However, the reality is that if M find any asbestos onsite, they'll stop work and put the job on hold until the owner can get someone to clear the site and provide a certificate to say it has been cleared.  We don't want to delay the start, and we certainly don't want to pay the $250 a week penalty either!  So needless to say, I'll be quite nervous until the slab is done I think!

It's times like this I'm glad we chose to use the demolishers that M used for their Balwyn knock downs, as our CSC offered to speak directly with him.  The demolisher confirmed he would get his guys back to re-rake the site. I really hope they do...thoroughly...and before Friday!


  1. Oh no... that sounds like a familar story. Nevertheless an important thing to get right given the safety implications not only for the workers on site, but also for any children who might play in the yard in the future!

    It shouldn't hold it up too much :)

  2. Our demolition company found extra asbestos - it was under the old driveway slab so no way of knowing it was there beforehand. Then when our pool builder started excavating, he found old building robble buried just beneath the surface with some more asbestos mixed through. So I guess it happens to the best of us! And what can you do! Hope it is all sorted for you:)