Thursday, 22 September 2011

Approval to Commence Construction

After a busy afternoon performing a final review of the colour schedule, pre construction variations and construction plans, we have officially signed off!  Which means we can now proceed to Construction!!

Our CSC contacted me to say we were able to meet today's deadline to book the site cut for...

wait for it!...

NEXT FRIDAY!!  Woo hoo!

If we'd missed today we would have had to wait a few weeks into October.

She also raised the issue of our damaged water meter.  Our demolisher accidentally ripped out the tap we left operational at the front of the property (despite numerous conversations that we wanted to retain it for the build).  But not only this, they ripped half the water meter off.  So we now have to pay a plumber to install a new water meter.  Frustrating, but what do you do?  So I'll be onto one tomorrow to get that fixed - hopefully next week!

It's all feeling a little surreal at the moment; but it won't be come this time next week!

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