Friday, 5 August 2011

Tile Selection

We had our tile appointment yesterday. It was by far the most straightforward selection so far. This was solely down to the fact that we had envisioned this to be the choice we would be most indecisive about and therefore had visited the store 3 or 4 times over the past 3 months to view our options and look at sample tiles in different lighting with samples at home.

We were able to choose from the 'silver' range of tiles, which had quite a lot of options in glazed ceramic tiles, but P & I were keen on having rectified polished porcelain.  To make things simple, there was only 1 choice of polished porcelain in the size we wanted and luckily in a colour we both liked!

So the result is a single colour palate for the main bathroom in a taupe porcelain 450x450mm, the same tile in the ensuite with a feature wall in the shower in a rough charcoal 300x600mm and the same taupe floor tile in the laundry with a white gloss 100x300 tile for the splash back (so it can easily be replaced or extended later when we fit out the laundry with cupboards).

There were additional labour charges for rectified porcelain at $35sqm which we were expecting and had roughly calculated our sqm prior to the appointment, so the actual cost wasn't too far off our expectation...for the first time in this whole process!

The charcoal tile may be my biggest mistake in the house, given it's rough and dark in colour I expect it will collect water and soap scale.  However (in my mind at least!) I think this is what actually appeals to me as it will give the tile depth.  Ask me again in a couple of years time when I curse not being able to get the shower looking clean!  Oh well, in my last build I played it completely safe and I was bored of the bathroom before I even used it, so this time I feel I owe it to myself to take the risk!

Here's some photos of the tiles (the main tile is the same in each room, just different lighting in the photographs), and also a photo from M's website of one of the bathrooms we took inspiration from:

Bathroom Colours

Laundry Colours

Ensuite Colours
Metricon Display Home Ensuite


  1. Nat, I love that display bathroom, I have it as one of my inspiration photos too. I love the charcoal! I am thinking of using that colour for all my wet area floors!

  2. Hi Kirsten, If you haven't been already, you should check out the Monarch Display Home at Balwyn. They've used the charcoal feature wall in all the showers. We saw it on a bath hob (I think it may have been at Officer, but I've been to so many display homes it's become a blur!!) and it didn't look so good because it was dusty. So it's a trade off I think either having it in a wet area so you can rinse it down well but building up scale, or in a non-wet area and not be able to rinse the dust off properly. The Beaumont Consultant advised to only use metholated spirits diluted in water to clean all tiles and not to use household detergents or bleach as it removes the protective coating, and definitely no jiff, etc. which would leave white residue! It's a gorgeous tile though, I had to risk the cleaning issues!