Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Power Pit, Crossover Prep and Demolition Booked

The wheels feel like they are now beginning to turn.

Today received the quote for the underground power pit, about $2.5k.  This should be installed by 1st week of September.

We received our letter of consent from Council for the new vehicle crossing last week (hand delivered as the Inspector was in our area at the time - thank you David!).

Also received a quote from Telstra's 3rd party contractor to move the cable pit from the location of the new driveway.  Almost $7.5k...OUCH!  I was expecting perhaps $2-3k although I didn't have anything to base this on, so who am I to know if this is excessive or not....?  But, given it's less than a third of the price to supply underground power a total of 16 metres, how can it cost that much to move the cable pit a mere 3m?!!  Sigh...the price of wanting North facing living rooms...about $6k to install new crossover and reinstate the old, another $7.5k to move the comms cables.   This removes airconditioning from the budget :(  Perhaps I should offer to dig the trenches...?

Demolition commences next week - in part!  It will probably consist of removing the asbestos eaves,  stripping the salvageable internals and tree removal in the backyard.  Unfortunately our gas provider is tied up with works in our area due to water in the lines so this delays the gas meter removal anywhere up to 12th September.   The demolisher said he'll work around this in the meantime.  P is meeting him onsite on Friday arvo to discuss what trees and paving are to be removed in the backyard.

Electricity will be disconnected sometime in the next 3 weeks.

Also received a new appointment time for the contract from our CSC, which is next Thursday.  Our build is pretty straight forward and siting is well within council and rescode guidelines so the building permit may only take about 2 weeks to get, but given our delays with the gas abolishment there won't be a site start until end September.

Still, things are booked in so I'm happy with anticipation of a flurry of forthcoming action!


  1. Wow that Telstra quote is crazy, I'd be getting a wireless internet connection and use a mobile for that price. The NBN can't be too many years away. Not sure how they work out the power pit costs, we got ours for $550. But if we had wanted it to go to the other boundary it would have been $3.5k.

    Be patient with the disconnections, SPAusNet did ours at the very last minute.

    Good luck


  2. Hi Che, the Telstra quote isn't to install Cable Internet to our house, it's to move the existing cable lead in which feeds both our existing house and our next door neighbour (Internet and Foxtel). We want to put a new driveway there and the pit can't be located in the driveway, so we have to pay to have it moved 3 meters to the left. The Telstra field rep is reviewing the quote with the contractor, so hopefully the cost comes down!

    From our electricity supplier the power pit is a base price of $2147.20 and then additional price per meter of $43.34 (ours is 11 meters apparently - the power pole is located directly across the road from where we want to install the pit).