Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It's Crunch Time!

Speaking to the demolisher yesterday he says, '7am tomorrow we'll crunch the house...'

'Crunch' indeed...

And so it was that early this morning the old house came down.

When I turned up mid afternoon it was to an eerie sight; a huge excavator perched atop a pile of rubble, lifting the concrete slab of the garage, scraping and sifting dirt from pavers. A small 'flick' of the claw and a steel gate is effortlessly separated from its hinges.

A conflicting swathe of emotions hit me: excitement at the sign of progress, yet a pang of guilt at the destruction of someone's previous family home.

Thank you old house for making way for our new family home. If it weren't so cost prohibitive these days to renovate, you'd likely still be with us.

It feels somewhat disrespectful to publish photos of the carnage, but I remind myself that a house is an inanimate object, and hopefully previous owners and tenants got their closure when they parted ways with the building...

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