Thursday, 18 August 2011

Demolition Scheduled to Start

Our demolisher advised earlier in the week that he'd booked WorkSafe for the asbestos eaves removal today.  He'd also booked his roofer to remove the roof tiles today, so has had to reschedule that.  It started raining about 10am this morning so hopefully they got in and started early!  Or are happy to work in the rain...perhaps...maybe... hmmm wishful thinking!

Won't get a chance to check on any progress until tomorrow.

Yesterday we received a second quote to move the Telstra pit from our proposed new driveway location and...YAY it's a full $5000 less than the first quote!!  Much more in line with my initial expectations of between $2k - $3k.  Needless to say I have already sent off authorisation to commence - lock that price in baby!

Have also spent the last few days doing cash flow forecasts, as we sold a couple of properties to fund the build, rather than increase the mortgage, we need to keep an eye on the diminishing bank account, and all the committed costs to getting us into the new house!  Been thinking I might put O in childcare in Feb/Mar next year and see if I can return to work 3 months earlier than forecast.  (If my previous Manager is reading this, I'll be giving you a call in the coming weeks to discuss available options!...)

I can hear a waking baby...time to's a cold, wet, grey day and I need some cuddles!

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