Friday, 19 August 2011

Demolition Has Started!...somewhat...

Went to the site to check whether the demolishers started yesterday and....YES!

Although the house is very much still standing, there are signs of disruption...

The eaves are gone:

The roof tiles have begun to disappear.  The tiler must have got interrupted, either by the rain or the site safety practices for the asbestos eave removal at a guess:

The fuses in the electricity meter box must be worth salvaging, because they're gone too oddly enough!

We offered them keys to the place, but they just looked at P strangely.  Obviously they like the breaking and entering aspect:

Then upon sighting one of the bedrooms, I thought perhaps it wasn't the demolishers and maybe the place was ransacked by someone else!

But then I saw that they'd mowed the lawn, so it couldn't be anyone with ill intent! Hehe:

They salvaged the vice off the garage workbench.  Would have liked to keep that and the bench, but unfortunately we have no way to transport it without cost, and nowhere to store it!

The most progress is that the bathroom has been stripped, but it's lying in pieces all over the rest of the house!

Looking forward to more progress next week!  And with the weather looking fine, sunny and about 20 degrees there shouldn't be any weather impediments to progress!

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