Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hmm..What to build

In our time as real estate prospectors we quite often toyed with the idea of buying a knockdown and building a house. As part of this process we went through about 50 billion display homes and settled on 2 designs both from Metricon.

Apart from the fact M had a good reputation, they just seemed to have a better build quality and better plans that suited a traditional block. The Mercer and the Nolan. Our "Issue" with modern catalogue homes is that they are built for the modern short melbourne block. ie no backyard. N and I both grew up in the country, so we know the value of a good back yard to play in. Hence having a house that makes the backyard the feature and opens up to the backyard is essential. We would prefer a single level home. Stairs and kids don't really mix.

Our criteria was based on the width of the block we would purchase. If it was less than 15m wide we would build the Nolan, if more than 15m we would build the Mercer.

Anywho...cutting a long story short, now that we settled on our block, and building came back on the agenda, we went to go look at the display homes again, and oops...the mercer doesnt have a display anymore. So we went through the M designs again, and found out the Fairhaven is nigh on identical. So we went to the Fairhaven, and it was instant we are building a Fairhaven 33!!

More on the Fairhaven to come....

Here is the floor plan:

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