Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Home!

After 2 years of searching we have finally bought our future home, well at least the land to build our future home.

It ticks most of our boxes as far as what we were looking for in a home. Its in a nice quiet street that is wide and tree-lined, close to public transport, its a good size block (730 Sqm!). A nice backyard for 'O' to play in, and to plant a Veggie Patch. There is a family competition after all.

The compromises, there are always some. Not a north facing backyard, it faces east. A 2-storey home on the north side, of questionable design and colour. The block slopes up at the back, which is a good feature but hard to build on. So, not all that bad but some challenges.

And just when we thought we would have our weekends back, we have decided to build a new home. (suckers for punishment, i know).

So this is an attempt at a blog of our Journey. I am sure we are not fully prepared for the trials and tribulations, but here we go!

Here are a few pictures of the original house. Hopefully you can understand why renovating just wasn't on the cards.
There she be!

Look at the size of that yard!!

Thats a Hills hoist original! With the peg bucket! Tell him he's dreaming!

Shudder...the bathroom

Nice and cosy! "cup of tea love?"

Those handles are keepers!

Theres always a doily and lace curtains!

The Porch!!

The master

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